Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kids Project - Candy Corn Jello Treats

Candy Corn Jello Treats

Needing an idea to get the kidos in the kitchen for some hands on FUN??? These simple Candy Corn treats are just the right 'go to' for Halloween parties or any other Fall Parties your kids are participating this season.
1 Lemon Jello pkg
2 Orange Jello pkg
1 lg tub of whipped topping
Candy Corn candies
@9 - 8oz plastic cups
 Prepare Lemon Jello as instructed on box. Make sure to let cool to room temperature before pouring into Pyrex measuring cup for child to easily pour into plastic cups. I pour the first one to give them an idea to eyeball off of.

  Just look at how much FUN my girl is already Having!!!! :)

 *Once cups have been filled, set on cookie sheet and put in Fridge to cool for at least 60 minutes to set.This will allow your child to take a break and play for a bit.It is important to not push your child's attention level when it comes to having FUN in the kitchen...keep them excited for the next step!!!
 *Next step, prepare Orange Jello as directed. I use a few ice cubes to cool off a little faster since there is double the batch of Jello mix. This is a FUN part. A little touch of science if you will. My girl was sure the Jellos will mix.She carefully poured the Orange into the cups at just theright level...low and behold, the colors did not mix! She wasAMAZED!!! Once all have been poured...back in the fridge they go for 60-90 minutes.  


Now for the finishing touches...
I put the whipped topping in a large
piping bag. This makes for easier
handling for my girl.
Top with a candy corn on top...
Whoa-la! You have just created a situation to get your child excited about gettin' in the kitchen and creating.
Until next time, remember:
Keep It Simple Sweetie!!!




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