Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Breakfast Ring

"Get them up and out of bed, Breakfast Ring"
Continuing on from my Grandma's Quick Bread recipe, I have come up with this tasty Breakfast Ring that takes less than 30 minutes to make!!!
I enjoyed my Grandma's Quick bread starter mix in my fridge. I was looking for something for dinner and really wasn't in the mood for cooking. The biggest problem was I hadn't been to the store for a while so cleaning the corners of the cabinets was the ingredient list for the meal.
I had eggs, some bacon, and a few potatoes. We all know that breakfast for dinner as some of our favorite meals!                                                                         
I started frying up my bacon.
I made one batch of Quick bread. Baked it in a ring shaped baking pan.                  
Beat together 6 eggs with salt and pepper and garlic seasoning 2T milk. Grease glass baking dish and add eggs. Put it in the oven with the bread to bake. set timer for 8 minutes.
Take bacon out of frying pan and drain. 
Chop up medium onion and sweat them in the frying pan in the bacon renderings.
Grate 4 Golden potatoes with skins left on. Put in the frying pan with onion.
Cover and let cook.
Check on bread and stir eggs in oven. Set timer for 6-8 more minutes.
Stir potatoes often too. I like mine a little like mush instead of fried crisp.
When bread starts to turn golden brown, take out of oven and let cool.
Eggs should be done as well. Take them out and fluff with a fork.
Place the bread ring on a large plate, add hash-browns in the middle well creating a well for the eggs.
Add eggs to the very middle and sprinkle with chopped bacon and shredded cheddar cheese over the whole thing. Add parsley to the top for color. 
I serve with options for my family to add either syrup or Salsa. So far, Syrup is what they chose to pour over their serving. I cut the ring up like a pie. 
What a way to start a morning! Like I said, we had it for dinner and that was very nice too! ENJOY!!!
Thank you Grandma! 


  1. What a beautiful way to serve breakfast! I love it! I also love your super cute place setting - the precious little bucket and the adorable napkin ring! What great ideas! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

  2. This is TOTALLY on the menu for Saturday brunch. I just love this blog Bekah, can't wait till the next update :-)

  3. Bekah, this looks and sounds delicious. Leave it to Grandma! thanks for sharing!