Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bless Us this Day....Our Daily Bread....

 Three Generation Photo               

 This is a photo of my Grandma Adams holding me as a little girl, my mother sitting next to us with my sister, Sandy, next to my mom.
I treasure the photos I have of my family. Especially the older photos that allow me to reminisce about the "good 'ol days" with loved ones that have since passed.
Look how my Grandma has her arms fully embracing me. I can still feel her arms wrapping around me at certain times in my life. She always knew when I need her hugs!

I have found that you can click on the photos to enlarge to read what is said on the pages. WHEW!

You may notice there are a couple of "Bulletin" written on pages. This is my mother noting when she shared a certain section of this book with her church in the Sunday's Bulletin and on what date. I wonder if my Grandma ever knew the extent she would reach people even after she had left this earth?

I made the recipe of the Bread That Bake in a Hurry. The photo of the muffin is in the first picture. Very good recipe I may say. That recipe includes a starter kit that can keep in your fridge and makes making muffins very easy. You can use any extras to the muffins to create any taste you prefer. For an example, blueberries, bananas, chocolate chips, apples...the options are endless. You could also add a bit more milk or change the milk to Buttermilk and make pancakes. I know, RIGHT!!! Super simple! Let me know what you come up with.

The "In The Eyes Of A Child" is a great little Christmas Poem. I do hope you all are able to read it! If you all want me to type certain things out, let me know.

 Notice the "French Pastels" paper. I told you my Grandma loved to type at work and whatever scrap piece of paper that was being trashed, she used to type special notes on. She always said, "Use what you have and you will never be poor". I love the mark of time with her reuse of paper.

I really enjoyed the article that is posted throughout the next few pages. I am not for sure of the importance of this lady to my Grandma, but I love documentation of M. H. Roberts research on Homemade Starters. I am unsure of the year of the article as well. I just wish you all could smell and feel the pages as i flip through them.They complete the experience of embracing this book.

If anyone tries the recipes on these pages, please let me know how they turn out and your views on them.

I hope you have enjoyed these couple of pages.


  1. I understand that it is "Give us this day..." but I wanted to make sure everyone knows how Blessed I am for sharing the daily bread that was handed down to me. Make sense? ;)

  2. You are definitely BLESSED to have such a treasure!