Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hello and Welcome to my Kitchen!!

After being literally embraced by our Southern Cooking Queen herself, Paula Deen, I have decided to start a blog of my amazing 'Ups and Downs' that come from my country kitchen.
Throughout our journey together, you will find me refer to Paula Deen as my Momma P. I have told her that I was the daughter she never wanted to have. She graciously laughed that one off and came to understand that it was NOT a beginning line to a stalker invasion from myself. She felt the geniune love from me.

Cooking has been influenced by many people and situations in my life: Children, husband, grandmas, extended family members, friends, name it...I can put it in a dish and serve it up. I am a true believer that food will bring people together and life will keep them close forever.


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  1. Bekah, this is delightful! If I could just do such justice to my grandmother's cooking as you have with yours!