Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Remember TANG and little jelly jar drink cups?

Before I post the next page of my Grandma's recipe book, I had to share a memory of mine with her. The next page of her recipe book is a quick bread muffin mix. This recipe reminded me of breakfast at Grandmas! She was an avid Tang drinker. Every time we would go to visit Grandma Adams, there would be a picture of Tang on the breakfast table every morning. And right beside this Tang Picture would be those little jelly jars she would use as drinking cups. I remember clearly the controversy between my mother and Grandma Adams about giving us children a high sugar drink for breakfast. Grandma's answer was always "If it was good enough to go to the moon Ann, it is good enough for your kids" 
Us grand-kids LOVED our Grandma Adams! We would even sneak into the kitchen and do shots of Tang powder throughout the day just to keep up with the sugar high Grandma started us off strong with at breakfast! Remember that little plastic scoop that came inside the canister? It never failed by 2pm all of us would be snuggled up somewhere in grandma's house napping away. She knew what she was doing all along I do believe! She just didn't want to share her plan in fear that it somehow would backfire on her. My mother loved our visits to Grandma's house!   


  1. I love a good cold glass of Tang every once in a while! Brings back good memories!!

  2. I love that you shared this memory. It made me think of my own grandmother and smile. My favorite part was your grandmother's response of, "If it was good enough to go to the moon, it is good enough for your kids." So funny!